Cristina Kinon – NY Daily News

Art imitates life for Ryan Seacrest on his latest television project, NBC’s “Momma’s Boys.”

“I can relate to this concept because I’m pretty close to my mother,” Seacrest, who serves as an executive producer o

n the show, told television reporters in a conference call Wednesday. “I don’t take her out on dates with me … but she is part of the decision-making process, whether it’s personal or professional.”

“Momma’s Boys,” premiering next Tuesday at 10, follows 32 single women as they vie for the attention of three bachelors and their mothers.

Seacrest, who talks to his mother every day, said the show is a way to celebrate the relationship between a son and mother, while also having a bit of matchmaking fun.

For the 32 women competing for a date, Seacrest and co-executive producer Andrew Glassman selected a wide range of personalities, including some ladies who may have been more suitable for Oxygen’s “Bad Girls Club.”

“We wanted to incorporate more cable- television sensibilities,” said Seacrest. “Obviously, it’s a big-budget network show, but we wanted some of that craziness and the loudness that you would generally see on a cable show.”

“There are some really good options and some really bad options from a mom’s perspective,” said Glassman. “That yielded a cast of characters that was very dynamic.”

But the show’s controversy doesn’t just stem from the young women on the show. One mother in particular left both Seacrest and Glassman awestruck by her attitude.

“She was an equal-opportunity offender,” said Glassman. “She comes in with a severe attitude, then you get to watch a younger generation, including her son, give her her comeuppance over and over again. … She really is reality TV’s answer to Archie Bunker.”

In fact, things got so heated at times Seacrest and Glassman had to step out from behind the camera and calm everyone down.

“This reality show had many more time-outs than anything I’ve ever produced in the past,” Glassman said. “But you know you have a good show when it starts producing itself and the reality takes over, and that happened on this series from the moment we showed up.”

As for the “Momma’s Boys” themselves, Seacrest said they were real catches, “handsome, focused, driven,” with only one downfall.

“I don’t think the guy could exist without their mother’s within 10 yards,” Seacrest said. “They do have a crutch, and that’s relying on their mothers.”