Officer Victor Ortiz appeared on the show along with his family. They walked away with a prize of over $499,000. The show, hosted by Chris Hardwick, combines trivia questions and a pachinko game, similar to the “Plinko” from “The Price is Right.”

“Maybe you won’t have to work as many third shifts,” Hardwick joked to Ortiz before starting the game.

“Oh, I’m praying for that,” Ortiz laughed.

During the game show, Ortiz’s wife, Evelyn, answered trivia questions but was not told if she answered them correctly. Before each question was answered, Ortiz picked a slot for a ball to drop into one of 15 slots with prize amounts — from $1 to $1 million.

If Evelyn answered a question right, the family won the amount of money in the slot. If the answer was wrong, they lost that amount of money. At one point, the potential winnings were over $1 million.

But after a few unlucky bounces, the Ortizes were left with a $500,000 pot. Evelyn was offered a guaranteed contract of $145,124 without knowing how much money the family had won. She turned it down”

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