Hal Boedeker – Orlando Sentinel

Ex-Wives Club, a new reality series about helping the divorced move on, hit a casting gold mine in Central Florida. The premiere features an Orlando woman. The second episode brings on an Orlando man. The th

ird show focuses on a Lake Mary woman.

” In the past three or four programs I’ve done, my casting people say, ‘We want to go to the Orlando area,’ ” executive producer Andrew Glassman said. (His other series include National Bingo Night and Average Joe.)

What is it about this place?

” We’ve had good luck with people who are expressive and have great composure and don’t fall into any given stereotype,” Glassman said. “I hate for you to publicize it. It will make my competitors flock there.”

The ABC series debuts at 9 p.m. today on WFTV-Channel 9. The program enlists three women as hosts: actress Marla Maples, former wife of Donald Trump; actress Angie Everhart, former wife of Ashley Hamilton; and actress Shar Jackson, who had two children with former boyfriend Kevin Federline.

” There have been a lot of shows about external makeovers,” Glassman said. “This one deals with an internal makeover. How do you mend a broken heart?”

In the premiere, the program helps Rebecca Bredholt of Orlando jump-start a writing career. The second episode, on June 4, follows Robert Fessler, an Iraq-war veteran from Orlando.

The show was life-changing, said Sue Hennessy of Lake Mary. Her episode airs June 11. She attended an open casting call during the middle of her divorce. She said she had discovered after having two children, now 8 and 4, that her husband is gay.

” I didn’t realize how bad I was suffering or how much anger I had,” said Hennessy, 34. “I was like a ticking time bomb. The divorce was a positive thing. Even if it’s for the best, it’s the most difficult thing you can go through.”

Life these days has improved. She is a teacher at Hagerty High School in Oviedo. She spent Christmas Eve with her children, her ex-husband and his partner and her boyfriend.

” I realized to let go of my anger,” Hennessy says. “I can’t tell you how much the show has helped me. This has been the best year of my life.”