Reality TV

How do you mend a broken heart? By getting angry, getting even and getting over it! Real people who have undergone traumatic divorces learn how to move on with their lives, on “Ex-Wives Club,” an empowering new reality series premierin

g MONDAY, MAY 28 (9:00-10:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. The show is hosted by three women who know all about breaking up — famed “exes” Angie Everhart, Shar Jackson and Marla Maples.

The hour-long, five-episode series, filmed in Palm Springs and on location across the country, will feature one man and one woman each week, all with one thing in common — a devastating divorce. The episodes will trail them and the “XWC” team of Angie, Shar and Marla as they take the journey to let go of the past, rebuild their self-esteem and venture out into the world again. Segments will show the participants getting rid of things that remind them of their former partners; indulging in the ultimate fantasy of revenge by doing something to get even with their exes; and undergoing makeovers in either their physical appearance or professional lives. The series will also feature renowned life coach and bestselling author Debbie Ford (“Spiritual Divorce: Divorce as a Catalyst for an Extraordinary Life”), who will meet with the participants one on one and give them the guidance they need to move on.

In the premiere episode, “102,” Rebecca Bredholt, a 30-year-old Orlando, FL woman and Kevin Huckabee, a 35-year-old Clearwater, FL man meet the “XWC” team.

Rebecca was a recent college grad pursuing her dream of becoming a journalist when she met her husband. They married after a whirlwind romance, but the honeymoon was soon over, and she claims her husband began verbally abusing her. After seven years, she filed for divorce. As part of her “XWC” makeover, Angie and Shar help Rebecca indulge in the ultimate fantasy of revenge when they present her with one of her ex-husband’s favorite things – a vintage car — and the opportunity to push it out of a plane over the Arizona desert. They also coach her through her first date in seven years, and encourage her to jump-start her career as a writer. And – in the interest of fair play – Angie talks to Rebecca’s former hubby, and gets a surprising response.

Kevin is the father of two who thought he and his wife were living the American dream. Then he learned she was having an affair. To make matters even worse, she was pregnant with her lover’s child. A Gulf War Navy vet transitioning to a new career as a mortgage broker, Kevin is struggling to make ends meet as a single dad raising his two kids alone. As part of Kevin’s transformation process, Marla gives him a Trump-style makeover, showing him how to promote himself in his new career and build his business base, drawing on tips she learned watching “the Donald.” She also oversees a makeover that literally leaves Kevin a new man.

Actress and model Angie Everhart is the former wife of Ashley Hamilton; actress Shar Jackson has two children with her ex-boyfriend, Kevin Federline; actress Marla Maples is the former wife of Donald Trump.

” Ex-Wives Club” is from Glassman Media. Andrew Glassman (“Average Joe,” “Three Wishes,” “National Bingo Night”) is executive producer. Lillian Lim and Grant Julian are co-executive producers.