Match Made in Heaven Season 2

On this season of Match Made in Heaven, the most dramatic and divinely-inspired search for love, former professional football player and successful Atlanta businessman, Stevie Baggs is putting his heart on the line on a quest for true love. And who better to help him find love than the man above? A momma, a Pastor and a “Sherri Godmother!” Leading the way, host Sherri Shepherd will oversee Stevie’s journey as 18 sexy singles duke it out to win his heart. With unexpected twists and turns, the competition is tougher than ever as the heavenly and hellish collide. And when Stevie’s outspoken mother, Lola moves in she scopes out the good, the bad and the ugly. Lola is determined to vet her potential daughter-in- law and find only the finest for her son. Pastor Ken Johnson (spiritual advisor to the Indianapolis Colts) is back to offer his spiritual guidance all along with dramatic temptations designed to test their virtue. After a series of dates, romantic rendezvous, harsh eliminations, and solicited (as well as unsolicited) advice from the Pastor and his mother, find out if Stevie’s prayers to find his match are answered.